Our Corporate
Social Responsibility (RSE)

Our Corporate


We take care of where we are because there lies the secret of what we do.

We produce at the top of the Andes mountain in harmony with our surroundings using the resources in a responsible way and developing opportunities for the local farmer communities that relate to Mar Andino.

Sustainability is in the DNA of our business; we are aware that the natural surrounding in which we operate is an essential part of our business. This is why we put special care in using resources in a responsible way, reducing the impact at its most.

We are a reliable and transparent neighbour. Not only are we committed to our clients, but we also focus on supporting our farmer communities by jointly developing opportunities for everyone that works directly or indirectly with Mar Andino. All of this is through a model of corporate social responsibility (CSR) which has been designed to improve the lives of our people in the Sierra of the Andes mountain.

We Comply with our commitments.

Furthermore, we have put special emphasis in complying with the commitments made with the community: 

• We generate jobs in the zones where we operate: more than 90% of our collaborators belong to local communities.
• We are pioneers in the inclusion of women in our tasks, promoting equity and equality in terms of wage.
• We support activities related to education and health.
• In the community of Choclococha, we provide daycare for our collaborators’ sons and daughters in which people from the community support the education of children from 1 to 4 years old while their parents work.
• We provide WiFi service to the Punrun school so that students can have access to online classes.
• We have contributed solar panels to provide energy for the internet connection to work.
• We support activities related to cattle raising done by our neighbors by providing vaccines to their alpacas.
• We support productive activities of the community.
• We provide professional training for local companies, privileging the hiring of local vendors.

We have SMTA certification which provides a gathering of the best practices and corporate ethics.

Prestigious globally recognized certifications speak to our commitment to best practices in business development.

Environmentally we are committed to not using antibiotics, antiparasitics and toxic substances that alter the ecosystem of our lakes.  Similarly our feeding mechanisms assure minimum food waste and efficient processes.

We are committed to operating according to the highest standards of the industry in order to guarantee the preservation of the environment , biodiversity and hydric resources and to provide good working conditions for our collaborators respecting the local communities.

Our commitment with the best practices provides as a result the certification of our complete value chain: farming centers, process plant and feeding.

BRC certification which guarantees our commitment to the security, integrity, legality and quality of our products.