Who we are

We are a South American company which was born in 2013 to make a great dream come true: produce the best steelhead trout in the world, in harmony with a special commitment to the environment, society and the needs of the most important markets at a global level.

This is how we started our operations at the top of the Andes mountain, more than 4.300 meters high, understanding our business in a sustainable way and inspired by the best practices from countries with salmon farming experience such as Noruega and Chile.

All of this with a clear objective: becoming a touchstone for the sea farming industry, offering our clientes an excellent quality product, bred under unique conditions and supervised by a solid professional team, in one of the most pristine places of the world.

Our Mission

To produce the best steelfish in the world in a sustainable way, committed to our collaborators, society and the environment, always focused on satisfying the needs and tendencies of our markets. 

Where we are

We are located in a naturally unique place where the purest water is born. In the Sierra, at the top of the Andes mountain in Peru, more than 4300 meters high, providing a unique and protected location in which we farm our fish, a place that is away from men, for us exclusively. We have 4 farming centers: 3 in Punrun lake and 1 in Choclococha lake.

We farm in pristine water, in a zone that possesses low levels of contamination and is free of common to the sea farming industry pathogens which may affect the fish.

Our process and smoking plant is located in Lima, in the zone of San Juan de Miraflores an hour away from the city’s airport, which allows us to quickly connect with our main markets and take a fresh and unique quality product in the least possible time.