We produce the best steelhead in the world 360 days of the year, 100% natural, unique and antibiotic free.

The freshness and texture of our products is the reflection of our collaborators’ care, the breeding in the purest water in the world and the strategic location of our plant which allows us to lower the delivery times.

Our steelhead is processed within 24 hours after being harvested and is sent in its fresh format to the USA and Canada, therefore in just 48 hours we get from our lakes to your table.

The benefits of consuming steelhead

The benefits of consuming steelhead

The steelhead is a heart-healthy and nourishing fish, which is soft in its flavor, reduced in fat, with a high amount of biological value  protein and is an excellent source of Omega 3 fats. In addition, it contained Selenium, Phosphorous and vitamins from the B group.

Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium are key nutrients for antiviral immunity and they are present in seafood produce.

Their high levels of omega 3 provide health benefits such as:

• Preventing heart disease

• Supports brain development during early fetus development 

• Contributes to a healthy brain in adults 

• Reduces risks of depression.